Introducing Life Edit: How to Simplify and Declutter Your Life

It’s my birthday today, so I decided it’d be a great day to launch my new website: Life Edit. It’s my new venture where I’ll explore and discuss my journey towards a simplified and decluttered life.

Why the shift? If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you will have noticed my interest obsession with simplifying and decluttering; getting rid of everything in your life that shouldn’t be there, to discover your true self, and your true purpose on this planet. I think those are pretty important things, so I’d like a space that’s devoted to that.

I’ll continue to write on ihearthome, with a focus on home life, kids, family and parenting, so feel free to stick around. But Life Edit will be my main writing space, so I’d love you to jump on board and sign up if you’re interested in simplifying your life.

And for everyone who subscribes to Life Edit by email this week, I’ll put you in the draw to receive a free copy of “Organised Simplicity“, one of the books that spring boarded me into this journey towards simple living. And to anyone who lives in Auckland and signs up, I’ll offer a half price 3 hour professional organising consultation to kick start your simple living journey. So head here to check it out! 🙂