Hi, I’m Rachel King. Welcome to ihearthome, a blog on creating and growing your home in the full sense of the word: the physical and emotional environment of the home, the people and the relationships within it.

I’m about living simply, creating and crafting, kid wrangling, pursuing wisdom, learning how to do life well, and lots of other things in between.

I’m married to Nathan (we’re just about to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary – whoop whoop!), and we have three kiddies, Ruby (6) Theo (5) and Arlo (3).


At first glance, the above photo may look rather “happy families”. At second glance you may notice that Theo is about to throw a tantrum. #keepingitreal.

As a mum of three small humans, I’ve learned that most advice and tips (particularly on parenting) sound far more straightforward on paper than they do in practice. All the reading and learning and theorising in the world will not stop my children from doing what children do: throw tantrums, be contrary, or refuse to do what they are told. So as well as sharing tips I’ve read, I’ll be talking about the messy side of doing real life, and what I’ve learnt amidst the chaos.

My hope is that by sharing my life experiences and learnings with you, you’ll find the odd pearl that will help you as you journey through the crazy of life!

Rachel xx


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