Wisdom From A Parenting Guru

I’ve had an extreme parenting journey, brought on by an extremely challenging child, who has pushed me far beyond my limits, and tested more boundaries than I thought existed. It’s been unbelievably tough.

Because of this, I’ve read and researched just about every parenting resource known to man.

And there have only been a handful of resources that have actually helped. Canadian psychologist and parenting expert Gordon Neufeld has been one of them. And he’s coming to New Zealand!! If you’re in Auckland, he is A MUST SEE. His teaching is solid, sound, and brilliant. Whether you’ve got an extreme situation, or are just struggling with the every day parenting battles, his pearls of wisdom will serve you. You have to come hear this guy.

Head here to check out the information on his upcoming tour. Early bird ticket pricing for his full day workshops ends on 30 September, so get in quick! He’s also got evening sessions if you’re tied up during the day.

If you’re not in New Zealand, head here to check out the resources he offers – they are well worth the investment.

If you’ve already come across Gordon Neufeld, what do you think of him? Who’s your favourite parenting guru?



Also, you haven’t heard from me much here at ihearthome because I’m now spending most of my writing time over at Life Edit. So if you haven’t already, head over there and sign up to receive my blog updates. 🙂



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