DIY Tapestry Kits for Sale

DIY Tapestry Needlepoint Kit

DIY Tapestry Needlepoint Kit

I did it!!! My achievement of the year was finally completing these Tapestry Kits – it’s been on my to-do list for the last year. I’m more than a little deadline driven, so when a friend asked me to make some stuff to sell at a local Christmas market next week, I finally got myself organised.

I love tapestry – stitching with wool is very kinaesthetic. And the texture of the finished project is beautiful.

I reckon it’s important for everyone to create things. As I’ve written about before, making something yourself gives you an appreciation of how much work goes into the production process. And it hopefully makes us a little bit more thoughtful of the purchases we make.

So when I wanted to buy some tapestry kits for my kids to sew, and struggled to find anything cute, I took on the project of designing my own. Knowing that the finished project would end up on the wall, I wanted it to be something that would actually look good up there. The design and production process was no small feat, and I hit several road blocks along the way and nearly gave up. But I managed to plow on through, and achieve that sense of satisfaction one feels when finally completing something.

You can buy them here through my etsy shop. They’re simple to make, and take only a few hours, so are perfect for adult beginners, or for kids aged about 8 upwards.



Hope you’ve all had a great start to the Christmas season! xx


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