What Knitting’s Been Teaching Me About Life

I’ve taken up knitting recently. It seems to have made a bit of a comeback in recent years, or is it just that I’m in my 30s now?!

Anyway, even though it’s back in vogue, knitting is still pretty counter cultural; it’s a slow process. It involves concentration and rhythm. It doesn’t come fast and it doesn’t come cheap.

It’s quite the opposite of the fast paced world of instant gratification that we live in. Many of us can get most things we want these days, in under 20 minutes for under 20 bucks.

My current knitting project is this blanket. While it would have been far cheaper and easier to buy a blanket straight off the rack, there’s much to be gained when we put our own hands to the creative process.

knitted chevron blanket

It’s given me an appreciation for all the things I buy, for the true cost of things. Something may not cost me much if it comes from a factory on the other side of the world, but someone has paid with their time, energy and resources.

And knitting has been teaching me about life. I’m learning that to create anything of real beauty, significance and value in our lives, takes time. I’m learning to sit and enjoy the rhythm of slow. And to realise and appreciate that there’s beauty in the process, not just in the destination.


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