Little House

There’s a little house at the park near where I live, that I pass when I’m out walking. It’s the oldest surviving wooden house in Auckland, built in 1841. The rooms are set up as they would have been back in the 19th century, complete with furniture, ornaments and possessions of the era.

Little House

One of the bedrooms in the Little House

Lately I’ve been stopping and wandering through the house on my way past. Something draws me in.

What is striking is how small the house is, and how few possessions there are inside.

I find the house so peaceful in its simplicity. So uncomplicated.

Each time I come back from my walk past the little house, I bring with me another dose of motivation to declutter my own house. To pursue a lifestyle of less rather than more.

And with each bag of stuff that I clear, my own house really does feel a little bit more peaceful. And life feels a little bit more simple.

Less stuff means less work, less organising, less decluttering, less repairing, less dusting, less maintenance, less hunting for things.

I am reminded that we really don’t need much stuff to live our lives well.

Gandhi infamously said “live simply so that others may simply live”, and it’s something I’m aiming to be more intentional with in my life.


8 thoughts on “Little House

    • Start with the bathroom- it’s a fairly unsentimental place, so less difficult than some rooms. There’s always expired and unused stuff that can go. And once you get on a roll, it might spring board you on to the rest of the house!

  1. Have you come across the tiny house movement/ small house movement? People moving away from our obsession with huge houses back to the basics. Some nifty little houses out there if you google it 🙂

    • Yes I have- there are some amazing stories aren’t there! I think my 3 small people would blow the walls out of a house that small at this point in my life though! I do love the idea of it though, and particularly the minimal possessions 🙂

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