Hello Again

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Well hello there. I’ve been offline for a while. It’s been good actually.

An unplanned, but welcome break from the digital world. The needs of the little people in my 3D world demanded my full attention, drained my resources, and trumped my ability to attend to the 2D world of the screen for a while there.

So I’ve been looking after the small people, and me. Realising that full on behaviour challenges, at a high enough intensity, for a long enough time, depleted my resources down to about zero.

I’ve had to focus on putting on my own oxygen mask first in order to support a difficult child. And to work out what that oxygen mask actually looks like; what things are life giving and feed my soul.

It’s been a great exercise in self care.

What have I discovered are the most important things for me? It’s not rocket science, and we’ve heard it all before I know, but these things can be all too easy to forget and neglect when we’re in the thick of caring for small people and a season of self-sacrifice:

  1. Exercise – nothing beats fresh air and some time in nature for calming frayed nerves. Walking is my current exercise of choice – far more peaceful and soul-feeding than a gym for me.
  2. Meditating – teaching the mind to be still is a difficult but worthy pursuit. I’m in the baby stages of this. Hard work, but I know it’s good for me. Research and experience tells me.
  3. Reading – I’ve always loved reading and learning, and if I don’t make time for this, I get grumpy.
  4. Decluttering – less stuff makes me feel calmer. My husband sometimes wonders if there’ll be anything left in the house when he gets home from work!
  5. Eating well – eating good food is just plain good for you, but it also makes me feel better mentally to know I’m taking care of this one body that I have.
  6. Thinking and reflecting on what feeds my soul – spending time thinking and journalling, and beginning to listen again to my own soul’s needs, and not letting those needs be drowned out by the chaos around me.
  7. Having coffee/dinner/wine dates with friends who inspire and energise me.
  8. Crafting, sewing and creating. We are all creative beings, and finding what that creative outlet looks like for you is worth it.

You’ll have your own list. If you’ve forgotten what you love, start thinking, mulling and journalling to help you tap back in to those things that make your heart sing.


4 thoughts on “Hello Again

  1. Thanks SO MUCH for this post! Such an important reminder to ‘put on our oxygen mask’! SO grateful you’re writing again!! As a mum of under 5’s I Really appreciate your honesty and encouragement xx

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