Friday Favourite Things

It’s been one of those weeks around here. So to focus on the positive (which always helps in such circumstances), here are a few of my current favourite things:

Gingermelon Doll

  • Simon. The classic retro game has been reinvented and reinstated. The kids love it, the adults love it, you can’t help but be reminded of the 80s (in a good way), and it’s good for the brain.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 15.13.26

  •  Bobux. Such great shoes for little feet (birth to around age 6-7). For anyone living in Auckland, the Bobux factory (address details here) is having a huge instore sale till 22 February. I’ve just bought my kids shoes for the year. Love a bargain.
  • I was a Daft Punk fan back in the 90s. Loving this song from their Grammy award winning album. I think listening to it reminds me of those carefree child free uni days. Sometimes it’s nice to be taken back there!
  • Tiny Happy. This was one of the first blogs I ever followed. Simple and lovely.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Had lofty Pinterest inspired ideas for creating a new family tradition around Valentine’s Day. Ended up keeping it simple, with heart shaped bacon and french toast this morning, but the kids loved it. Easy but effective. Did you (or will you) do anything to celebrate?


One thought on “Friday Favourite Things

  1. My eldest has preschool today, so I sent him off with a heart themed lunch. I have heart shaped red velvet whoopee pies in the oven and plan to make a heart shaped pizza for dessert, and we will have a heart scavenger hunt that I have prepared after dinner. My husband got a card from me and the kids, but we don’t do presents.

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