How Our Kids Render Us Incapable of Achieving Anything

I’ve been sitting here for the past while with a rather blank screen, and a rather blank brain to accompany it. I initially put it down to my first bout of writer’s block since beginning this blog, as I hadn’t, until today, had a problem coming up with something to say.

Then it struck me. One of my small people was up about 5 times last night with a fever and grumpy mood to boot. My ailment wasn’t writer’s block, but brain fog induced by sleep deprivation.

Having had a run of somewhat improved sleeps during the past year, (since being out of the baby phase for the first time in 4 years), I’d almost forgotten how freakishly difficult it is to function when you haven’t had anywhere near enough sleep.

Stringing a sentence together (aloud or even in your head) can be difficult, as can making even the most simple decisions. Like what to have for dinner. Or whether to go for an outing to the playground or the library. It’s enough to make anyone think they must be going mad. But you’re not. It’s just that your brain really does need sleep to work.

So if you’re in the thick of sleep deprivation, whether from having a newborn, sick kids, or a not so newborn that won’t settle, know that your inability to function like a normal human being, is actually pretty normal. Not cool. But normal. And that once you get some more sleep, you will most likely feel like you can conquer the world. Or at least decide what to make for dinner.

Theo's Selfie

Theo’s 3-year-old selfie summed up his mood for the day.


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